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Everything starts with our Survey Builder.

The Survey creation process starts with creating the first question and then logical adding the questions one by one.

The survey creation process is constructed to be simple and straightforward, yet with numerous building possibilities. This approach allows creating projects of high complexity in a short time.


Preview the Survey Questions before saving.

During the creation or editing the survey question, in the bottom part of the page there is a frame displaying how the question will look like in the final version on different devices. It has the active design of your survey already applied.

There are also preview functions through out the process that makes it easy for you to keep the quality in design through-out the process.


Translate and Localize your Surveys.

Create various language versions inside the same survey or make a separate survey for your language version.

Put the corresponding phrases into the fields and save them. This way your recipients will have a possibility to choose what language of questions they wants to answer.

As an alternative you can create a separate survey on the base of the existing one. Choosing this option opens a Translation console, which provides a convenient way for translating the existing survey in and in the end saving the survey file for the further importing it into the system. You can also make more customizations this way for the individual survey.


Add or Import Your Recipients Easily.

To organize a survey distribution amongst your recipients, you can register or import recipients directly inside Examinare.

Registering a recipient is a straightforward process of entering base information like name, email, birth date etc. into the appropriate fields. Recipients are allocated into the groups by the user for the correct distribution and further exact analysis.

Importing the recipients is organized by downloading the Excel template in the appropriate section, pasting the needed information into it and uploading it back into Examinare system. Examinare then analyzes the content and forms the recipient groups from it.


Invite by SMS.

Process of sending surveys by SMS is short and quick. It consists of writing text of the message and localization choosing the recipient group or recipients one by one and specifying the time of SMS sending.

SMS sending is functioning according to SMS credits, which have to be ordered before you can send out any invites. The link to the survey is included into SMS automatically.

We support all characters in the world's entire alphabet inside the text of your message.


Invite by E-mail.

Deploying surveys by email is not much different from writing a single email to any of your contacts in the usual email service.

Just put in the email subject, text, choose the recipient group or individual respondents and specify the time of sending.

There is no limit to the amount of emails that can be sent simultaneously. However we do apply a process that makes your emails to the same company being delayed for a few seconds and up to a few minutes. It protects your emails from getting blacklisted in SPAM filters.


Create Website Pop-up.

There is nothing easier than creating a survey invitation window (also known as pop-up) for your websites. It is not restricted by pop-up blockers or antiviruses, so can be freely used on any website and viewing device.

In order to create the pop-up, all that is needed to do is choosing the design of the window and writing the invitational message. After that on clicking the “Show” button, JavaScript code is generated and displayed. Simply copy and paste it into your website. Website pop-up is set up! By default it will be displayed once per website visitor.


Basic and Advanced Reporting is Simplified!

After every received survey response, the graphics and charts inside Examinare are updated and recalculated, so at any given moment you can be sure, that you see the most recent results.

Results and Charts section contains many useful analytical functions, such as filtration of the results according to different parameters, response exclusion, cross tabulation, checking the individual responses, free-text analysis etc.

The general or filtered results can be formed into professional reports and downloaded in the most popular file formats like Word, Excel, PDF or RAW Data.


Be Creative with your Design.

Survey design is the freely configurable part of Examinare. This means that any part of the layout can be changed or recreated according to your needs. Changing the logotype, colors of the survey window and its elements, font size, text and link on Start page and Thank You page are the parameters, setting of which requires only a few mouse clicks.

Additionally, any part of the layout, changing of which is not possible with the interface, can be set up or created with help of CSS.


Integrate and Connect with Your Systems.

Examinare can be extended with help of its API connection. Examinare API can be fully integrated into any third party CRM or back-office system.

Rich library of functions gives developers the freedom and tools to automate survey invites, extract the necessary recipient data and votes.

We were the first in the industry with a strong API connection and over millions request to our API are made every hour.